We scare elephants...

...because we might not be huge, but we are excelling at providing innovative, business focused and technically excellent services. Scaring elephants is our thing because we have an ambition to help as many Australian businesses as possible to excel at being themselves. So, let us help you scare your elephants.

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How can we help?

We provide a tightly integrated set of services to help your business drive customer engagement, improve productivity or develop new products and services. We do this with a focus on business outcomes, delivered through solid engineering and architecture.

Customer Experiences

Let's show your customers the

The quality of experiences for customers, staff and all contact points for your organisation are critical right now. Our Creative Team is a tightly integrated digital agency that delivers a full range of experiences, social, branding and campaigns to differentiate your business. Integrating the Creative team ensures these experiences are innovative, secure, scalable, robust, integrated and managed – a rare capability amongst agencies.

Customer Management

Let's harness your customer data and transform your customer engagement

Great customer experiences aren’t worth much alone. That's why we are experts at integrated and scalable applications that link marketing, sales and service department together with each other and your customers. We are experts in deployment and adoption of powerful integrated CRM applications, customer service platforms, automated digital marketing solutions, content management and data driven sales tool sets.

Productivity - Power Up!

Bring agility to your organisation

Optimising productivity benefits organisations in many different ways such as delivering cost savings, driving ability to respond to customers more quickly and to making the entire organisation more agile. This improves the ability to respond to customers and competitors and to lead the market. We provide easy to use, mobile-centric and secure platforms such as Office 365, Teams, Power BI and SharePoint in a complete and holistic approach to give your team a powerful competitive advantage.

Gain Insights

Own your customer's experience by understanding them and illuminating their changing behaviours

Our Insights team is leading in machine learning, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. This allows you to know your customers, staff, products and organisation intimately, predict outcomes and respond automatically. This improves productivity and customer service and enables new capabilities. Cognitive solutions can see, hear and understand, powering next-generation experiences. Today we can use AI to readily change the game for you, and tomorrow we'll use quantum computing will change the world.

The Wild Stuff

We wouldn’t name ourselves Wild Mouse, if we didn’t have a bit of the fun stuff up our sleeves

We are a rare, truly innovative business through our investments in R&D to take bleeding edge technologies and solve real problems. This includes an executable toolkit of augmented and virtual reality (Mixed Reality) to create experiences for your staff and customers for sales, product design and engineering and training. We're recognised experts in AI and streaming media. Today we are investing in Quantum Computing to solve tomorrow's problems.

Partners & Technology

Go Wild

We are wild about our mission to demystify technology. We want to unlock the power of data and empower individuals, businesses, their customers and clients with actionable insights, functional ease and measurable benefit to help people live better lives. We are passionate about building customer advocacy by listening, designing and delivering socially progressive and game changing capabilities. Want to be wild too?


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